what happen in Arabian Gulf

Oil tanker attacked in Oman Gulf

Abdulla Jameel Alalawi 04/08/2021

Iran attacks international navigation on the high seas with drones and naval mines. Recently, an Israeli ship was attacked in the Gulf of Oman, but the Iranian Foreign Ministry denies its involvement in this attack. Whatever the Iranian regime’s statements, there is evidence and precedent for systematic Iranian behavior. In addition to the reasons that made Iran the first and only party capable of causing this turmoil in the region. First, the approach to historical behavior in Iran that was used in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war and how effective it was at the time to direct pressure towards the international community by creating a systemic disruption of global trade and energy. The Iranian administration understands the importance of Iran’s complete geographical extension on the Arabian Gulf, and this gives Iran a long-term destabilizing hand and almost complete control of the Arabian Gulf
:When this systematic behavior began
In 1984 was the beginning of the strategy of spreading unrest in the Arabian Gulf, Iran discovered the importance of security and safe navigation in this Gulf for the international community. Based on this result, in 1987, the United States launched operation Earnest Will to protect Kuwait tankers against Iranian attacks.

Discovering a trump card that Iran will then use in front of the world, and here I understand one of the real premise of Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait, which is to find the largest outlet to the Arab Gulf and achieve an important geopolitical gain that will benefit it before the world. This is what the United States and Western powers did not allow at that time. That there are two dilemmas, namely Iran and Iraq, that threaten the safety of maritime navigation in this region, which generates the world with more than half of its energy.
Here lies the real danger of Iran in the non-interference of the competing countries militarily despite the absurdity of Iran’s military power and their use of rusty conventional weapons., But the obsession with sabotaging maritime navigation remains a deterrent to competing forces in military intervention, as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the last , I leave you with a question about how it is possible to bring about a profound change in the Iranian regime. Could it be from the inside or the outside?

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